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Your Gym in One Bag

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What’s Included

PAZFIT Booty Bands

3 Booty bands

  • 1* light (light red) 32*8,2cm
  • 1* medium (light blue) 35*8,2 cm
  • 1* heavy (black) 40*8,2cm
  • Non-rolling, non-skid bands, built to last
  • 100% skin safe, breathable and washable
  • Activate and isolate muscles first and give more resistance (weight) when lifting at gym or working out at home
  • Build all glute muscles (medial, maximus, minimus)

PAZFIT Therabands

2 Therabands

  • Extra long (2 meters each)
  • 2 levels of thickness (heavy and light)
  • Have a grip on one side to get a firm hold of it
  • Contribute progressive tension with valuable strength to the movement, just like the dumbbells
  • Ideal for assisting in mobility strengthening, rehab, and therapy exercises.

PAZFIT Core Sliders

2 Core Sliders

  • Complement for strength training for upper & lower body
  • Improve the stability after using them for just a few weeks.
  • Offer a new variety of exercises for core, abs, pushups, glutes and legs and arms
  • Offer a proper form and improved whole-body coordination

PAZFIT Ankle Straps

2 Ankle Straps

  • Strong Velcro, double stitching, soft neoprene padding
  • Are fully adjustable, fitting most ankle sizes
  • Feature one D-ring for extra comfort and easy use
  • Tone and strengthen your lower body
  • Don’t come off when lifting heavier weights
  • Allow you to maximize the efficiency of your training by adding more weight

PAZFIT Everywhere Workout Plan

Bee Everywhere Workout Plan

  • A workout plan booklet using all the tools inside the bag
  • Upper and lower body 30 – 45 minute workouts, 4 times a week
  • Engage upper body (arms, shoulder, back and abs) and lower body (booty and legs) in multiple ways
  • Get stronger, enhance your endurance and increase muscle.

Get Fit with PAZFIT

PAZFIT: Your Gym in One Bag
Noticeable Arms
PAZFIT: Your Gym in One Bag
Popping Butt
PAZFIT: Your Gym in One Bag
Chiseled Back
PAZFIT: Your Gym in One Bag
Shapely Legs
PAZFIT: Your Gym in One Bag
Sexy Abs
PAZFIT: Your Gym in One Bag
Round Shoulders

Your Workout on the Go

With the PAZFIT Bag, you can work out wherever life takes you: the gym, a park, a hotel room or the comfort (and privacy) of your home.


“I can exercise anywhere and at any time”

I’m super happy with my PazFit bag because I can exercise anywhere and at any time I want to. I also really love how easy the workouts are to follow while still being challenging.

Pilar Matailo

“Easy to use”

Best product ever! Easy to take and use, the guide is so useful too. Totally recommended.

Ana Paola Pérez

“Me gusta poder llevarlo a todo lado”

Me gusta poder llevarlo a todo lado se los recomiendo desde que empecé a ver los videos y a disciplinarme con los ejercicios me ayudado mucho.

Maribel Badillo

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