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Garage Abs

Too much CO2 is not a good thing📈, and your body is full of it! 😱 What do you do? You breathe, of course. Breathing brings in oxygen as fuel and gets rid of poisonous carbon dioxide as waste. 🌬 To breathe efficiently when it counts—you run for joy, say, or for cover—,...

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This One’s for the Quads

This one's for the quads👉: the side lunge lets you work one leg's thigh muscles at a time, and you will surely feel the intensity. Make sure to keep the upper body upright📏, and do step only so wide that the knee of bent leg comfortably stays over the foot during the...

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Sandy Bottoms

Let the sky, they say, worry about being dramatic ⛅️, and the sea about being stormy 💨. We? 🙋‍♀️ We shall calmly proceed with a workout that will add inches to any booty 💪. No worries, anytime, anywhere—with but a bag of PAZFIT: 1️⃣Band squats2️⃣Band fire...

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Tu Mañana PAZFIT 5/01/2019

Buscas cumplir tus metas fitness en el 2019? ??   PAZFIT te invita a un evento exclusivo donde te daremos las herramientas para hacerlo.   Los fundadores de PAZFIT te presentan el contenido de su bolsa (PAZFIT Bag) y cómo aprovechar al máximo de él. ??...

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Sometimes, You Have to Pull

You cannot push all the time. ? Sometimes, you have to pull. ? Pull down using a PAZFIT theraband in lat pull-downs, for instance, and there, in the back, a miraculous machinery ⚙️✨ reveals itself: muscles and tendons and bones and nerves working together in...

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If You Have No Dog…

"If you have no dog," say the people in Brazil, "hunt with a cat." ?? What they mean, of course, is to use the tools at hand and improvise. If you have a PAZFIT bag with you, it is even easier to improvise. Any small wall turns into the perfect ground for effective...

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The Smart Way to Use Superset

In a superset, you do two different exercises immediately after each other without rest in between.?‍♀️?‍♀️ Supersets are supposed to save you time, help increase volume, spike hormone levels, and make your progress faster; usually, they do one of these… maybe: they...

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