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Dumbbells are Lemons

Dumbbells are lemons. What has popular culture taught you to do when life gives you lemons? ?? Right: you squeeze hard.? For bench presses and Arnold presses in particular, it is important to turn those bars into lemonade with your hands. A strong grip ensures ✅safety...

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No Life without Friction

No life without friction: helpful in so many ways, friction keeps our pants in place (sometimes)?, helps us get to know each other better ?‍♂️??‍♀️, and lets us do exercise with minimal equipment. With two core sliders ⚫️⚫️ from the PAZFIT bag  and very little space,...

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What Others See

Others see what we cannot. They look into our eyes ?and watch our backs; they notice all the things we've forgotten to appreciate about ourselves ?‍♀️, and they see the way out when we get stuck. Watch each other progress! Here are three great lower body exercises you...

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The City, Your Gym of Lights

Make the whole city your gym with PAZFIT! ☀️? This time, we’re in Paris?, enjoying this beautiful view of the Louvre museum? with a quick HIIT session using a booty band from the PAZFIT bag: 1️⃣Bulgarian Split Squats 2️⃣Squat Jumps 3️⃣Leg Circles 4️⃣Plank Kickbacks...

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