Garage Abs

by | Jan 18, 2019 | PAZFIT Videos | 0 comments

Too much CO2 is not a good thing📈, and your body is full of it! 😱

What do you do?

You breathe, of course. Breathing brings in oxygen as fuel and gets rid of poisonous carbon dioxide as waste. 🌬

To breathe efficiently when it counts—you run for joy, say, or for cover—, strong abdominal muscles are key.

So, let’s train 💪 for efficient CO2 removal; it can be done right there, in your garage:

1️⃣Side plank dips.
2️⃣Band crunches using a band from the PAZFIT bag.
3️⃣Knee-ins using PAZFIT ankle straps and a PAZFIT band.

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