If You Don’t Move Your Hip This Way, You Lose 48% of Your Butt-Building Potential

(Fortunately, It’s Easy to Incorporate Specific Movements and Tension into Your Workout and Fix This)

I squatted.

I squatted. I did lunges. I sweated through step-ups. I squatted some more. I did bridges, hyperextensions and American hip thrusts; and squats.

While I felt my glutes work alright and did see some results, I was never really satisfied with either the general size or the shape of my behind. The gains I saw were kind of… one-dimensional.

This only changed when I realized that…

so were my movements: one-dimensional!

Want Multi-Dimensional Training?

Get a taste of PAZFIT right now with pre-workout movements that increase motion, improve posture and just darn feel good.
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Hi, I’m Gladys Paz, and I’m about to tell you right now what I only learned after years of less than effective workouts.

You see, the butt is made up superficially of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

The first of those, the gluteus maximus is used to straighten the hip. We use it when running, for example—or in any of the typical hard-hitting butt exercises we do.

The other two gluteal muscles, glutei medius and minimus have a different but very important function: they rotate the hip and move your legs outward—during exactly none of the exercises supposed to build a full and round behind.

Now, the gluteus maximus is the largest of the three muscles and lies on top of the others to boot. As the biggest and most visible muscle, it deserves all the attention it gets! However,

only hitting the gluteus maximus does not build any butt to its full potential.

In fact, if you compare the common lunge to an exercise that does concentrate on the smaller butt muscles, you lose 48% of potential muscle activation in the gluteus medius alone.1Distefano et. al, 2009: Gluteal Muscle Activation During Common Therapeutic Exercises

Glutei medius and minimus are not only important to stabilize the hip (and thus the whole body!) during exercise and all the activities of daily living, they also give the butt a much-desired shape (some say it looks like an apple)…

if they are properly developed.

So, I went on a mission to go through all the gluteal exercises I could find and try a few I could not find anywhere but which looked worth trying in my little mind (I did want to become an inventor as a kid… or an archaeologist at least); I groaned through stretches, sweated all over machines, weights, towels and bands, and I compared countless studies.

I wanted to come up with a simple regime that leaves out the unessential and makes the effective fun and automatic. I strived to add resistance so the movements proven to work the gluteus maximus so they would activate the complete package.

Here’s the result: all you need to tickle the untapped potential of your smaller glutei and shape your apple butt.

So, What Will You Get with the PAZFIT Glutei Package?


PAZFIT Resistance Band

Set of 3 Resistance Bands

The heart of the PAZFIT Glutei Package: made from just the right blend of cotton and latex, the PAZFIT resistance bands combine the advantages of two natural materials into something either alone will not provide: a super-stretchy and comfortable band that lasts a lifetime. Of course, our bands are 100% skin-safe, breathable and washable.

You’ll use these bands to add frontal adductive resistance to common butt exercises so the smaller glutes fire in addition to gluteus maximus—and transform your whole mid-section training.

Bee Glutei Forever Preview

Bee Fit Glutei Workout Plan

Get the most out of your bands and training: a Bee Fit workout plan specially tailored for effective whole-body workouts that do not neglect any aspect of glute training. You’ll appreciate the simplicity of the Bee Fit glutei workout plan when you want to slowly increase intensity (which you will)—and when you see the results.

The Bee Fit workout plan combines daily undulating periodization with smart exercise selection so you engage all muscles in multiple ways—so you get stronger, enhance your endurance and, of course, increase muscle mass where it’s most appealing.

Bee Fit takes the guesswork out of your workouts and puts the fun back into functional.

PAZFIT Core Sliders2 Core Sliders

For more than popping abs, the PAZFIT core sliders pre-engage every joint in the body for more effective workouts. Proper form and an improved whole-body coordination are secret weapons to supercharge any workout.

These core sliders are ideal for just that.

PAZFIT BagBlack Nylon Bag

Bring all the PAZFIT equipment wherever life takes you with the classy black nylon bag.

2 Ankle Straps

What good are all those cables in the gyms you frequent if you cannot use them? Because we don’t like to see waste and do like our own sweat even more than other people’s on our skin we’ve thrown in a set of ankle straps.

Take advantage of the alternative to free weights with the PAZFIT ankle strap and the Bee Fit Glutei workout plan.

BONUS: Bee Fit Blossoming Booty & Beyond

The farther you move weights, the more work a muscle does; the more work a muscle does, the more effective any exercise is. This is why range of motion is critical (especially, of course, in the hip), and it is also why we throw in the Bee Fit Blossoming Booty & Beyond workout preparation for free.

Quick 4-minute sets of movements get you ready for each kind of workout (lower body, upper body, back, etc.) and make you more flexible every time you go through them. (They feel so good you’ll want to do them just on their own, too.)

So, you do get a whole lot in the PAZFIT Glutei Package—the whole lot to fully develop your body including all the muscles that form your butt.

Or, you can keep trying what you have been trying

  • You can keep trying to build a fully shaped butt with squats and hip thrusts alone. (Good luck with that.)
  • Or you lay out some EUR 650–EUR 1,000 each month for a personal trainer to hopefully show you the right exercises and cheer you on—that’s just for 3 hours a week.
  • Then there’s always expensive plastic surgery—whose results, let’s be honest, usually look just like that: plastic.

Imagine yourself on either of those paths in a few years…

Now, how would it feel to have the behind to be proud of, a workout plan that will suit you for life and the satisfying feeling that you’ve done it yourself

at a fraction of the cost?

The pure exchange value of what you get with the PAZFIT Glutei Package is EUR 129.90.

Yes, I had to check the numbers, too… Even at this prize, the PAZFIT Glutei Package would be an absolute bargain. The resistance bands, ankle straps and bag will reliably serve you for years and years, after all—and the Bee Fit Glutei workout plan is one you will want use for life (it is easy to adapt, too).

We still get a kick out of every package sold—and out of the thought of women like you finally being satisfied with their gluteal looks. At least for now, this shall be part of the payment we receive… so we have squeezed hard to lower the price to something we can barely justify (barely!): you’ll get the full PAZFIT Glutei Package including a workout plan for life, super-effective resistance bands and core sliders for a mere one-time payment of EUR 47.

Let’s see how long we can keep this up…

With love,
Your PAZFIT Team

PAZFIT Glutei Is Excellent Value

You Get Value You Pay
Total EUR 120.90 EUR 47.00
3 PAZFIT resistance bands: the breathable, no-skid bands for extra effective workouts that target the smaller glutei muscles EUR 20.00 EUR 18.00
Bee Fit Glutei Workout Plan: specially designed to incorporate all aspects of glute training; doubles as a workout log EUR 37.00 EUR 29.00
2 PAZFIT core sliders: the secret pepper sauce that enhances workouts with preparation and coordination; also makes abs pop EUR 23.00 FREE
2 PAZFIT ankle straps: don’t strip other people’s sweat to your ankles; bring these cushioned ankle straps instead and finally use cables… freely EUR 19.00 FREE
Black nylon bag: all the equipment just fits; no more looking all over a huge tote bag or Rucksack (and your hands are still free) EUR 4.90 FREE
BONUS: Bee Fit Blossoming Booty & Beyond: prepares you for the most effective workouts that use the full range of motion EUR 17.00 FREE

Get Bee Fit Blossoming Booty & Beyond Free Right Now

The full PAZFIT Glutei package will be available for ordering soon.

We’ll not let you leave empty-handed today, however. No way!

Your reward for working through this page is an exclusive taste of PAZFIT Glutei, download a copy of Bee Fit Blossoming Booty & Beyond (a value of EUR 17.00!) with tailor-made movements to increase flexibility, range of movement and posture.


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Yours free to keep forever

PAZFIT Glutei: You Have Questions?

What are the dimensions of the full PAZFIT bag?

PAZFIT Glutei’s bag measures 12.60 by 12.60 by 3.95 inches (32x32x10 cm) when full, a little bigger than the size of a basketball. All in all, it weighs a mere 36.33 ounces (1030 g), about as much as one basketball and a half—and it is so much more versatile than 1½ basketballs.

(Yes, you can throw hoops with the bag.)

Can I adapt the Bee Fit Glutei Forever workout plan for my needs?


The Bee Fit Glutei Forever workout plan tells you what to do and, crucially, doubles as the place to track your progress. It is optimized to provide you with a the most simple and effective full-body training program you can do essentially forever.

You are the expert on yourself, though, and forever need not mean boring: the Bee Fit Glutei Forever workout plan includes alternative exercises to mix things up, and you are free to adapt the plan to your needs.

I have tried other solutions. Is PAZFIT Glutei different?


We view claims that “this time will be different” with utmost suspicion. Chances are, this time will not be different.

This is exactly why we believe working out with PAZFIT Glutei will not be different for you than it has been for others: an enlighteningly simple, exciting and very rewarding experience. You will be hooked.

Also remember: you do not have to finish anything. You get to start, possibly again and again.

PAZFIT Glutei also has a bee.

Will I need to buy anything else—supplements or a subscription for anything?

No supplements, no subscriptions.

You purchase PAZFIT Glutei once and use all it contains forever.

Of course, to take full advantage of any exercise program, gym membership or a well-equipped home gymnasium as well as steady supply of high-quality protein and creatine do help.

Is the Bee Fit Glutei Forever workout plan hard to follow? Do I have to calculate weights and what not?

Bee Fit at the Back of a NapkinNo. Well, only count…

When it comes to workouts, simplicity trumps novelty. The Bee Fit Glutei Forever workout plan is decidedly simple to follow. You will be guided to increasing the resistance gradually, which—more than sheer intensity of force—is the key to success.

Using the Bee Fit Glutei Forever workout log, increasing weights is easy and logical. All you need to know fits on a napkin’s back.

Will you show me how to do the exercises?


Bee Fit Glutei includes a guide to the exercises used with descriptions and images. You will also gain exclusive access to short video demonstrations.

Do I ever get to relax?

Yes. Yes!

It’s more like we demand it, however—or your body does, to be more precise. Exercise is nothing but harmful in the long run without proper restoration.

There is nothing like the satisfied rest you get from having moved your body and mind properly.

Can I get a taste of PAZFIT Glutei?


Please request Bee Fit Blossoming Booty & Beyond for movements that, in a few minutes, make every workout more efficient and feel so good you will want to do them every day:


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