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✔ 3 fabric booty bands:

  • 1* light (black)
  • 1* medium (light blue)
  • 1* heavy (light red)

✔ 2 elastic bands:

  • 1 heavy (red)
  • 1 light (blue)

✔ 1 set of 2 core sliders
✔ 1 set of 2 ankle straps
✔ 1 portable black nylon bag
✔ 1 booklet with a workout plan for every product with videos and pictures

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The PAZFIT Bag comes with a perfectly matched set of tools for training both cardio and strength.

The equipment includes:

➤ 3 fabric booty bands:

  • 1* light (black): 32*8,2cm
  • 1* medium (light blue): 35*8,2 cm
  • 1* heavy (light red): 40*8,2cm

➤ 2 thera bands:

  • 1 heavy (red): 0.35mm * 15cm *2m
  • 1 light (blue): 0,7mm * 15cm * 2m

1 set of 2 core sliders

1 set of 2 ankle straps

1 portable black nylon bag (32*32*10 when full, 1030g)

1 booklet with a workout plan for every product

Here is everything you get in detail:

➤ Set of 3 Booty Bands:

  • Heart of the PAZFIT Bag
  • Light, medium and heavy resistance
  • Non-rolling, non-skid bands, built to last
  • 100% skin safe, breathable and washable
  • Ranging from 64 cm to 78 cm
  • Activate and isolate your muscles
  • Build all glute muscles (medial, maximus, minimus)
  • Can be used by men as they won’t grab their legs hair

➤ Set of 2 Elastic bands:

  • 2 levels: light (blue) and hard (red)
  • Made from pure latex
  • Extra long (2 meters or 79 inches)
  • Grips on each side of the band to get a firm hold
  • Add progressive tension
  • Grant a whole body training

➤ 2 Core Sliders

  • Made of durable resilient material
  • Engage every joint in the body
  • Complement for strength training
  • Offer a proper form and an improved whole-body coordination
  • Reduce risk of injury as the feet or hands never leave the ground

➤ 2 Ankle Straps:

  • Made with extra strong velcro
  • Enhance the lower body workout by adding extra force and resistance with weights
  • Help  to strength and tone the lower body
  • Grant more calories burnt by adding weights to the workout

➤ Everywhere Workout Plan

  • Offers workouts that can be done at home, outdoors or at the gym
  • Provides a list of exercises for every body part using each product inside the bag
  • Allows to keep track of your progress
  • Engage upper and lower body in multiple ways
  • Enhance your endurance and increase muscle mass where it is most appealing
  • Work out 45 minutes 4 times a week for best results
  • An e-book version is  also available

7 reviews for The PAZFIT Bag

  1. Valentina Viera

    Muy buena calidad aparte de la comodidad de poder transportarla fácilmente, recomendada 100%

  2. Ana Paola Pérez

    Best product ever! Easy to take and use, the guide is so useful too. Totally recommended.

  3. Pilar Matailo

    I’m someone who doesn’t really like to go to the gym. I find it time consuming and really hard to find motivation to go. I’m super happy with my PazFit bag because I can exercise anywhere and at any time I want to. I also really love how easy the workouts are to follow while still being challenging. I highly recommend the pazfit bag for anyone who wants to workout whenever, wherever they go!

  4. Maribel Badillo

    Me gusta poder llevarlo a todo lado se los recomiendo desde que empecé a ver los videos y a disciplinarme con los ejercicios me ayudado mucho gracias Magus tienes un equipo de lo mejor

  5. Reza

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  6. Keelen

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  7. Ukolova

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