This One’s for the Quads

by | Jan 16, 2019 | PAZFIT Videos | 0 comments

This one’s for the quads👉: the side lunge lets you work one leg’s thigh muscles at a time, and you will surely feel the intensity.

Make sure to keep the upper body upright📏, and do step only so wide that the knee of bent leg comfortably stays over the foot during the lunge (not inside).🦵

Let’s add in good mornings and hip bridges for good gluteus maximus measure, and there goes an engaging lower body garage workout—with, straight from the PAZFIT bag, your new garage band… 🎸🥁👩‍🎤

1️⃣Band good mornings.
2️⃣Band side lunges.
3️⃣Band hip bridge.

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