Estimated Delivery Times for PAZFIT Workout Gear

USA: 5­–8 business days
Canada: 6­–12 business days
World: 10­–20 business days

Your order will be sent out on average within 3 days of ordering.

International Shipping

International shipments may incur customs fees. The customs policy is different in each country, and the fee is usually based on a variety of factors like weight, value, and size.

We do not take responsibility for customs fees.

Order Never Arrived

If your order never showed up, please do let us know!

First, check your shipping confirmation and verify that you used the correct address for delivery. If the address was incorrect, we’ll be glad to send you another order to the correct address; this will have to be at your expense, however.

If the shipping address was correct, get in touch with us at [email protected] (do include your order number so we can find the necessary details). We’ll see what can be done.