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The PAZFIT bag comes with a set of workout routines that make perfect use of all the equipment to get you into the best shape ever—wherever you are.

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Ready for the Next Level?

Upgrade your training and your body with the PAZFIT workout plans that combine intelligent exercises selection with a smart sequence of series and sets.


Key Benefits:

  • Makes your every workout more effective
  • Dynamic movements to warm muscles for  peak performance
  • Hand-picked exercises to gently increase range of motion
  • Improves mobility of the whole muscle for full, round development
  • Lay the foundation now for staying healthy, mobile and vigorous into old age
  • Includes exercise descriptions, images, and exclusive videos


Key Benefits:

  • Workouts you can do absolutely anywhere: your home, a hotel room, neighborhood park etc.
  • Whole-body routines that leave no muscle unchallenged
  • Makes perfect use of your PAZFIT Bag’s equipment
  • Smart exercises selection for a well-rounded physique
  • Progressive overload built in
  • Get more out of life with enviable energy
  • Get used to compliments from strangers
  • Includes exercise descriptions, images and exclusive videos


Key Benefits:

  • Takes your body to the next level
  • Exercises selection optimized for hyperthrophy
  • Progressive overload ensures persistent stimulation of muscle growth
  • Periods of active rest help you avoid being worn out
  • Achieve the physqe of your stars and dreams
  • Enjoy the visible effects of your efforts
  • Works perfectly with your PAZFIT bag and the equipment in your gym or home gym
  • Includes exercise descriptions, images and exclusive videos